An artist accomplished in varied disciplines, the through line in Gregg Hill’s artistic life has always been music. His current work is a departure from his earlier rock and roll records back to his folk beginnings. These stories and songs flow from an ancient lineage of Kentucky musicians, bootleggers, craftsmen, and wanderers. He is able to bring these ancestral beings to life in this new and exciting music.

“Once this historical pathway to my Americana roots opened, it fueled a passion to write and play. I haven’t put the guitar down since,” says Gregg. “I find great joy in knowing my forebears are writing and playing along with me.”

Gregg was born in the Midwest and lived much of his life in the Northeast. He now resides in New Orleans and spends a lot of time on I-59 going back and forth to Nashville. Hill’s band rocks tight harmonies over obsessed-upon tone and groove to bring his original compositions, and those of the American Songbook, to life.


Gregg Hill & The Arrolls. Memorial Day 2018

Gregg Hill & The Arrolls. Memorial Day 2018